We pay attention to every single detail.

We work hard every day to ensure every member of our team understands that every single detail is extremely important, even the tiniest things most people would never even notice. This applies to listening carefully to our clients and understanding their needs and goals. It applies to the quality and care we put into every aspect of design and construction. It applies to every aspect of guest services and every centimeter cleaned by housekeeping. And it applies to every penny of income, cost, and profit we manage.

Reasons to Choose Batumi Paradise

We offer personalized service custom tailored for you. When you choose our firm you will come to expect:

  • One-on-One attention from your very own professional advisor
  • Exceptional service before, during, and after achieving your goals
  • Objective advice with the only outcome being your personal benefit
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of your situation, targets, and strategy
  • Robust support from a versitile and superbly experienced team of professionals

We have our own skin in the game

We are not just book smart, we have tons of real world experience which we draw upon and cultivate daily.

David Ruebush Georgian Financial Business Investor
Business Operations

Members of our team have invested in, operated, or been high level executives of Georgian businesses.

Sophie Megreladze Georgian Government EU Integration Official
Government & Banking

We have team members who held important government offices or were top tier banking officials.

Nina Tretiakova Investment Real Estate Property Management
Real Estate Management

Our team includes members who managed hotels and investment real estate portfolios at peak positions.

American Owned & Operated

We know more than anyone the specific challenges foreigners face when investing in Georgia and are better prepared to deal with them than any other consulting firm in the country.

As foreigners to Georgia ourselves, the years we spent building and developing real estate and other business projects has given us first hand knowledge and experience that is invaluable to our clients. There is no real estate agency, law practice, accounting firm, or business consultant in Georgia who is better prepared for the specific needs of foreign investors than we are. We have spent four years cultivating important connections, social understandings, cultural awareness, and communication tools that our clients can use to leap years ahead in their success plan. Our staff consists of business executives who are native citizens of the USA and Ukraine as well as attorneys, accountants, construction executives, management executives, banking executives, and ex-government officials who are native citizens of Georgia. Our staff is native fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Georgian. And we are adeptly fluent in business, law, finance and accounting as well. This is a unique combination of talent characteristics practically impossible to find anywhere else in Georgia.

Batumi Black Carcass Real Estate Investing

We are experts in the highly profitable field of black carcass real estate investing in Batumi.

We have spent the past four years investing our own money alongside our client partners as we developed one of the most profitable black carcass real estate investment strategies in Batumi. There is no better time than now to cash in on this booming real estate investment opportunity.

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200% ROI in Under 5 Years

We have perfected a rental income property strategy that is designed to double your investment in five years or less.

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Batumi Paradise Cares

We do not work on commission. We work for your success.

There are numerous real estate agents and a handful of financial advisors in Batumi. Every single one of them work on commission earned as a percentage of the sales price of each property they can convince you to buy. Like most commissioned agents throughout the world, it is obvious what their motivation is, and unfortunately that motivation ends as soon as a sale is made.

Batumi Paradise operates entirely different. We do not have commission agreements with any builder or real estate brokers in Georgia. And, our staff does not work on commission.

Our founder says over and over again "we do not have clients, we have life-time partners and friends". And he means it. Over the past few years we have nurtured a culture throughout our company where we treat each client as if they are part of our very own family. We are not motivated by commissions, and our service does not end when a sale is made. Instead, we genuinely pour our hearts and souls into your specific needs. We concern ourselves greatly with your motivations, your objectives, and your experiences.

Batumi Real Estate Channel

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