We offer the most comprehensive real estate investment consulting in Georgia.

Our professional team will ensure you make the most profitable investment, at the best price, with the most potential for the best returns possible.

It is very important that our clients understand up front that we are not a real estate agency, we are much more. It is easy to confuse us with realtors because we help people buy real estate in Batumi Georgia. However, there is a huge, and extremely important distinction between Batumi Paradise and what you would normally think of as a real estate sales agent.

Generally, when you buy property in Batumi, you deal directly with a building company, or you deal with a real estate sales agent. In both cases, you are at a major disadvantage. First, whether it is a builder or a realtor you are working with, neither is professionally trained or equipped to make investing analysis or offer sound investment advice. Second, builder sales people and real estate agents work on commission. So, they are primarily interested in selling you as much property as you can afford to buy, at the highest price they can possibly convince you to spend. This is how they ensure their commission is the best possible for themselves.

Batumi Paradise is much more than a real estate agency. We are a real estate investment consultancy. This means that our primary purpose is to ensure you make the most profitable investment, for the lowest cost possible. We professionally evaluate each property using high-tech tools and deep knowledge and understanding of the local marketplace. Our analysis helps you understand the real numbers, true costs, and realistic income projections for any property you are considering.

Real Estate Consulting Fee

We work on a flat fee basis. The fee for consulting services will be determined by the purchase price of your property and includes all the items listed below the following chart.

Residential Real Estate
Up to $50,000 USD Over $50,000 USD
$500 1.2% of purchase price
Commercial Real Estate
Up to $100,000 USD Over $100,000 USD
$1000 1.2% of purchase price

What Real Estate Investment Consulting Includes


Meet with our expert advisors and short-list potential properties to consider. Then go with our team members to view and inspect potential properties.

Property Analysis

Professional review of valuation, income potential, costs, and feasibility.

Income Analysis

Comprehensive evaluation of income potential based on statistical research.

Expense Analysis

Exhaustive break-down of realistic expenses based on historical data.

Return on Investment Analysis

Expert analysis of potential return on your investment based upon real statistics.

Resale Potential Analysis

Professional estimation of future resale potential from long-term market experts.

Purchase Negotiation

Our expert negotiators go with you personally to help you get the best price.

Contract Review

Our seasoned legal professionals review every contract and ensure everything is in your best interest.

Title Research

Our adept title and deed experts ensure the property is sold to you legally and without incumbrances.

Registration Support

Our adept legal advisors ensure your property is properly registered and that all documentation is correct.

Featured Investment

The Right Advice for maximized return

One of the most professional teams you can deal with as an investor in Georgia. You will get the right advice to maximize your return on investment. I have bought two properties in Georgia through Batumi Paradise. Using their service will make you confident that you are making the most profitable investment deal with maximized return.

Zahraa Ali,Property Investor - Dubai , UAE

Well positioned to help overseas investors

I became interested in investing in Batumi real estate after talking to some Georgian friends. I started searching and found Batumi Paradise and its owner David to be exactly the type of company I need for my investment portfolio. David is professional, easily reachable, knowledgable and honest. He knows the marked very well and is well positioned to help the overseas investors enter and reman in Batumi real estate market. I highly recommend Batumi paradise to anyone interested in investing in Batumi.

L Sigal,Property Investor - New York City, New York, USA

Guidance towards Growth & Income

Batumi Paradise listened to what I want to achieve with real estate investing & have guided me towards an investment plan which is balanced for growth & income & security. They have been extremely helpful, and very practical.

Matthew OProperty Investor - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A Lot of Amazing Opportunities

I think you have a lot of investment opportunities in Georgia. It's amazing what's going on. It's one of the really amazing places in the world right now. You have a lot of opportunities beyond real estate in Georgia (too).

Donald Trump,President - United States of America