The most effective way to ensure you attain legal residence in Georgia is to fully understand the process and make sure you take the proper steps in the proper order.

There are many reasons people wish to attain legal residency status in Georgia. We understand all these reasons and the proper steps necessary to ensure you have the best chances for success.

Unfortunately, we regularly meet with clients who are trying to attain residency status and are having difficulty. This is normally because they have been misguided by inexperienced realtors or other advisors. Often times, people read advertising stating it is easy to obtain residency in Georgia by just purchasing a residence valued at $35,000 USD or more. Many realtors and builders imply that you automatically are guaranteed residency if you buy such an apartment. Or inexperienced business consultants tell you that you are guaranteed residency if you invest 300,000 GEL in a business.

The truth is you are NOT GUARANTEED residency if you purchase a $35,000 USD residence. The truth is also that you are NOT GUARANTEED residency if you invest 300,000 GEL in a business in Georgia. These statements are normally made by realtors and "advisors" trying to sell you property or a business investment. And the person saying these things to you is either blatantly lying to you to try to get you to buy something, or they are misinformed and unable to help you actually aqcuire residency. And the sad truth is that many times, inexperience or unethical sales people lead you to buy a property or invest in a business that doesn't even meet government appraisal value.

NOBODY in Georgia can guarantee you will get temporary or permanent residency status.

If you buy a residence that meets official government appraisal value at $35,000 USD or more, you do qualify to apply for residency. If you invest 300,000 GEL in a business in Georgia that meets official government appraisal value, you do qualify to apply for residency. There are other things that also qualify you to apply for residency. But the most important thing you must understand is that these things QUALIFY you to APPLY for residency. They do not guarantee you will be approved. It is extremely important that your residency advisor understands and can advise you on real estate or business investments that will actually meet government appraisal values.

Our expert staff has a great wealth of experience helping people qualify and apply for residency. We know the proper steps to take, and the proper documentation necessary to present your case in the best way possible. We also know how to expertly analyze the true value of a real estate or business investment so that it will actually meet government appraisal. We cannot guarantee you will be approved for residency, but we can help you make sure you have the best chance possible for approval.

If you are thinking about applying for residency in Georgia, our expert staff is ready and willing to help you.

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