Choosing the right banking partner makes life much easier, especially when doing transactions from abroad.

Whether you are operating a business in Georgia, running a free trade zone company remotely, earning extra income through rental properties, or just looking for a great offshore bank account, Georgia is an excellent choice.

Members of our staff earned a great deal of experience holding senior positions at the 2 largest banks in all of Georgia. We know both personal and commercial banking well. And we know exactly which banks offer you the best stability, security, services, and remote transaction capabilities. Our expert banking and finance advisors can help you make sure you partner with the correct banking institution for your specific needs.

If you own vacation rental real estate in Batumi, we highly recommend opening a bank account in Georgia and we can help you select the correct account with the correct bank. If you operate a business in Georgia, you have definite banking and payment processing needs and we can ensure you get the best service for the best prices. If you have an offshore business or free trade zone company in Georgia, we can help you take advantage of tax free operations and make your liquidity and transaction management more stable, secure, and dependable. No matter what your banking and finance needs, our expert staff is ready to help you make the right choices.

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