Money is made when you buy real estate, not when you sell it.

A truly professional real estate advisor knows the only way to make money investing in real estate is to make excellent decisions when you buy, because you can never sell for more than market price.

If you are considering to buy real estate in Batumi, it is absolutely imperative that you meet with Batumi Paradise first. We will help you avoid extremely costly mistakes, help you make the smartest choice, and help you save a LOT of money.

Market Reality

One of the biggest problems in the Batumi real estate market is that the entire market is served by only builders and real estate agents. This means the entire market is in business to make money SELLING you property. The only motivation a builder has when you enter their office is to sell you a property for MORE than the cost of building it. The only motivation a real estate agent has when they get their hands on you is to make a COMMISSION off you. Therefore, builders and real estate agents both tend to push their clients to the maximum price and maximum square footage they can squeeze out of every sucker, oops, we mean buyer.

This means that NOBODY, other than Batumi Paradise, is working on your side, to guide you to the most profitable investments at the most reasonable prices.

Market Risk

It is risky to invest in a developing country. Especially one that is essentially still moving from the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union into a Developing Nation status. Do you speak the language? Do you know the laws and customs of the region? Do you even know how to research the title of a property to ensure you can actually buy what you are buying? Do you have the ability to read the title documents to understand whether or not the seller is actually the owner and can actually sell you this property? Are you certain there are not any pre-existing encumbrances, liens, tax debts, or other liabilities tied to the property that you will now be responsible for? Are you keeping up with the daily changes in laws and regulations as the country progresses into Developing Nation status and works toward EU association?

The biggest piece of advice we can ever offer to anyone considering buying property in Batumi is this...

Don't EVER blindly trust a builder or real estate agent.

Without a trusted real estate buying advisor, such as Batumi Paradise, you are putting yourself, and your CASH MONEY, at risk.

Why Hire Us?

As many people have already found, we offer three key services that are critical to your success when buying real estate in Batumi.

Buy the Right Property

Realtors and builders show you the biggest and most expensive properties you can afford, even if they are horrible investments. This is because they are not investment advisors, and they are only interested in THEIR commissions and profits. At Batumi Paradise, we constantly analyze the market, occupancy rates, nightly rental prices, costs, and several other factors. We will only show you properties that will maximize your return on investment, because our primary concern is YOUR profits.

Make a Safe Investment

Our hearts break every time someone comes to our office saying "Why didn't I listen to your advice?", or when they come to us saying "if only I would have hired you before I bought my flat". As our client, you are protected from frauds and schemes because we can read every single word printed on the Georgian documents. We can research your property title and understand if their are any risks or encumbrances. We can make sure you make a safe investment in a good property and it is properly registered and documented in your name.

Save a LOT of Money

If you do not hire Batumi Paradise, the ONLY way you can buy property in Batumi is through a sales person. This means the price will be inflated as much as possible with the highest amount of profit and commission. At Batumi Paradise we ALWAYS bypass the sales people. We only deal directly with property owners, or the Directors and top management of building companies. We do not waste our time, or your money, dealing with sales people or realtors who are only going to add a layer of commissions and profits to the mix.

At the end of the day, the key to making huge money with Batumi real estate is to make a safe investment in the right property, for the best price. We can help you do that.

Real Estate Consulting Fee

We work on a flat fee basis. The fee for consulting services will be determined by the purchase price of your property and includes all the items listed below the following chart.

Residential Real Estate
Up to $50,000 USD Over $50,000 USD
$500 1.2% of purchase price
Commercial Real Estate
Up to $100,000 USD Over $100,000 USD
$1000 1.2% of purchase price

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