The average guest review rating of 9.9 on all major booking sites speaks for itself.

One of the things the founder of Batumi Paradise is most proud of are the rave reviews our property management team constantly receives. Our guest services and property management staff, led by Ani Devdariani are, simply put, incredible.

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Better Results

If you have an apartment in Batumi and want to make more money due to more repeat clients, higher occupancy rates, and guests who pay a bit more for a better experience, then you absolutely must contact Ani and see if your apartment qualifies for our award-winning property management services.

Provide a better room with a better experience and much better personal service than the major hotels in the region, for a better price.Batumi Paradise Property Management Creed

At Batumi Paradise we offer the highest standard of service available in Georgia. And, if you read our reviews on sites like, you will see that we are succeeding at doing just that. We have strict standards for design, décor, finishing materials, and amenities offered to guests. Certain minimum conditions must be met, such as built-in showers, top grade appliances, above average furnishings, etc. If you have a nice apartment, that is well appointed and well designed, and you are seeking the best property management service in Georgia, please contact Ani today.

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How Do I Get My Apartment Managed By Batumi Paradise?

If you have a high quality apartment that would provide an excellent stay for our guests, we would love to manage it for you!

Set up time to appraise your property.
If your apartment is up to our standards, we discuss the terms and details of our partnership.
We set up your property within 1 to 3 weeks after signing agreement.
We do a professional photoshoot and establish marketing channels.
You receive monthly reports on incomes & expenses. Profits will be deposited to your bank account quarterly.

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