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Midtown Paradise

Opening before the 2020 season in the heart of the city of Batumi.


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More than 70% of travelers are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind stay, so they prefer small, local hotels over large international brands.


We offer installment purchase with payments up to 5 years with an initial payment of 20% of the purchase price. All you need to guarantee approval is your initial payment and a copy of your passport.
Midtown Paradise is a fully managed upscale aparthotel on the 12th floor of a brand-new, modern building in the center of the heart of Batumi. Perfectly designed and located to maximize rental income and future resale value, this modern, yet cozy property will appeal to business travelers, regional "locals" who want to be near everything important, and tourists who want a great value with an amazing location. This city center residential tower provides all the security and conveniences expected of a building in a prime location, which should not only translate into high rental appeal, but also strong long-term resale value.

This particular property was chosen 100% due to location. Anyone traveling to Batumi for an event or business, who wants to stay within walking distance of everything important, will quickly appreciate Midtown Paradise. It is within walking distance of the old city, beach boulevard, shopping, entertainment, dining, banking, legal, and business centers. When convenience matters, and quality is a must, this property will deliver above and beyond what is expected. We fully anticipate this boutique aparthotel to be in high demand all year round due to its location and value for the money. 

When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you are investing in a fully functional, 100% rent-ready business plan. The purchase price includes an apartment that is fully finished, furnished, and decorated. This means 100% ready for your guests, including pillows on the bed, towels in the bathroom, and even coffee, sugar, and a welcome package waiting their arrival. It also means you get a complete hotel infrastructure with facilities, services, and professional staff, at no additional investment on your part. Basically, it is like you are buying a high class hotel, for the price of an apartment.

Over 62% of our clients return to buy a 2nd apartment within 2 years because we deliver exceptionally high quality, high profit properties. In a country where developers are rapidly getting a reputation for over-promising and under-delivering, we stand way apart from the crowd.
Design Option 1: Royal Iberian Plum (click images for full-size view)
Design Option 2: Kholkis Green Tea (click images for full-size view)
Design Option 3: Black Sea Blue (click images for full-size view)
Design Option 4: Ajaran Citrus Sun (click images for full-size view)
Real estate investing experts predict smaller boutique aparthotels in Batumi will greatly outperform the rest of the market over the next 8 to 10 years.
Each apartment was thoughtfully planned by a team of professional American and European interior designers who specialize in luxurious hotel concepts. Click any apartment for a detailed rendering of the size and layout.
*Note - anticipated ROI and rental income are based on statistical data for the area along with with our own first-hand data and experience renting and managing boutique, high-end properties in Batumi. This is not a guarantee of future earnings. It is purely for illustration purposes. Actual results will vary depending upon market conditions year by year.
In this example, a client invests $18,494 into an apartment in this boutique aparthotel worth $36,988 . We rent it daily to tourist and pay all the expenses, such as utilities, cleanings, laundry, management fees, taxes, etc. The expected net profit is $5,618 per year, in clean money, after all expenses, fees, and taxes are paid. It takes 40 months for the rental profits to pay off the other half of the property purchase price. The theory is that after 40 months the client owns a property worth more than $43,000 and has income of over $6,500 per year if real estate prices and rental rates continue to increase by at least 5% per year. The client's total out-of-pocket investment was only $18,494.
*Note - this example is based on statistical data for the area along with with our own first-hand data and experience renting and managing high-end boutique properties in Batumi. This is not a guarantee of future earnings. It is purely for illustration purposes. Actual results will vary depending upon market conditions year by year.


Midtown Paradise Aparthotel is located right in the center of the heart of Batumi. The most popular tourist destinations, restaurants, night spots, old city, shopping streets, and local event halls are just a few minutes walk. For business travelers or regional "locals" it is right beside the banking centers, business centers, courts, municipal offices, wedding halls and more.

Key Features


Since your name is on the deed, you own the property outright, and it can be passed on to your heirs, or you can sell it any time you wish and receive 100% of the property value gains.


Managed onsite by leading hotel operators with decades of experience in marketing, guest services, maintenance, and operations of world-class hotels.


If you ever choose to sell, the experienced staff at Batumi Paradise would love to introduce your property to our steady stream of fully serviced apartment investors.
This is such a stress-free investment. We completely eliminate the struggles of finding a reliable manager, and challenges of keeping your property booked by renters.

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Don't go it alone. With Batumi Paradise you are making a safe, dependable investment and have a team of dedicated professionals working for your success!
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