For several years, Batumi Paradise has been designing, constructing, and operating some of the most successful and profitable vacation rental properties in all of Georgia. The properties below are only a few examples of our work.

Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 1
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 2
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 3
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 4
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 5
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 6
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 7
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 8
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 9
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 10
Pirosmani Elegant Studio Batumi 11

Pirosmani Elegant

This elegant concept is a slight throw-back to Eastern European hotel designs from a few decades ago. Greys, browns, and greens play in harmony with a bold red leather sofa. A fully equipped kitchen and roomy bathroom complete the picture.
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 1
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 2
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 3
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 4
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 5
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 6
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 7
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 8
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 9
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 10
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 11
Pirosmani Lofted Studio Batumi 12

Pirosmani Loft

This concept is designed to maximize comfort in a small space. It has a murphy fold-out bed and an additional lofted bed above a walk-in closet. The design centers around fresh, white, and clean, with pops of deep sea-green. There are ample sleeping arrangements, with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 1
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 2
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 3
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 4
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 5
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 6
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 7
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 8
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 9
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 10
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 11
Pirosmani Industrial Studio Batumi 12

Pirosmani Industrial

This modern, industrial concept mixes exposed metals, wood, and concrete with ornate tile, glass, and other finishing details. Plush bedding and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom complete the package. It is one of our most profitable rental properties, producing excellent return on investment.
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 1
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 2
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 3
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 4
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 5
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 6
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 7
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 8
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 9
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 10
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 11
Porta Tower Beach Batumi 12

Porta Tower Beach

Porta Tower Beach concept gives every vacationer a warm and cozy experience. The design is a modern take on a classic family apartment, with hints of beach and city interwoven throughout. Couples, families, even solo travelers will appreciate the thoughtfulness of every single detail.
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 1
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 2
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 3
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 4
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 5
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 6
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 7
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 8
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 9
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 10
Porta Tower Panorama Batumi 11

Porta Tower Panorama

Porta Tower Panorama concept is edgy and bold, yet elegant and refined. The design uses bright and modern colors with a strong dark base to create a city vibe that belongs beside the beach. Every millimeter of this design is purposeful and belongs.
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 1
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 2
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 3
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 4
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 5
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 6
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 7
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 8
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 9
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 10
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 11
Porta Tower Old City Batumi 12

Porta Tower Old City

The "Old City" of Batumi is colorful and playful. This design concept brings the colors and fun outside the window right into the unit. The design is filled with bright colors, whimsical patterns, fun elements and yet it is practical and comfortable, making it a popular and profitable vacation property.
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 1
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 2
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 3
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 4
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 5
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 6
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 7
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 8
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 9
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 10
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 11
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 12
Zubalashvili Red Batumi 13

Zubalashvili Red

Calm, relaxation, retreat, balance, and harmony were the inspirations behind this design. Browns and beige explain to guests they are here to relax and enjoy a break, but pops of red keep the space warm and alive and bring in the colors of the "Old City" roofs just outside the window.
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 1
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 2
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 3
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 4
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 5
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 6
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 7
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 8
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 9
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 10
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 11
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 12
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 13
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 14
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 15
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 16
Zubalashvili Blue Batumi 17

Zubalashvili Blue

Batumi is on the sea. And the sea is part rugged and part soft. This design reminds tourists who stay here that the sea if for fun, but also for fish, and also for the men who catch the fish. Earth tones and blues make this perfect sea side escape a constant reminder that it really is a perfect seaside escape.
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 1
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 2
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 3
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 4
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 5
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 6
Zubalashvili Rose Batumi 7

Zubalashvili Rose

Sometimes design is about color, other times it is about shapes. In this project, design is about shapes and color. Who says brown and grey and pink and blue and round and triangle and square cannot work perfectly together? The proof is right here in this vibrant and fun "Old City" charmer.