Our team is composed of experienced professionals who enjoy working closely with our clients and with each other.

We are large enough to offer advice on a broad range of topics, and small enough to provide exceptionally personalized services to our clients. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations as we provide you the utmost legal, financial, and investment advice possible.

Meet Some of our Experts

David Ruebush

Founder | Director

David Ruebush, Batumi Paradise Founder & Director

David has 30 years experience building businesses in numerous sectors. His outgoing, success-driven personality is contagious, but his wealth of insight and business savy are what constantly bring startups and long-established businesses to his desk for advice. He has a unique ability to forsee opportunities where others overlook them.

Past Experience
  • Owner - Ruebush Properties
  • CEO - Waffal Media, Inc
  • President - Tagvillage, Inc
  • Chief Operations Officer - Ideacentrics, Inc
  • President - iwantacar.com, inc.

Nina Tretiakova

Assistant to the Director


Nina is a vibrant and professional business leader with a keen ability to organize all the little details needed to get to the big picture. She is highly intelligent and creative, which makes her a powerful asset to entrepreneurs and investors seeking to make first time forays into the Georgian market.

Past Experience
  • Director - Boutique Management Ltd
  • Chief Operations Manager - Alt Convention
  • Master of Science in Cultural Studies - V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Faculty of Philosophy)

Vaso Trofimov

Chief Counsel


Vaso is a skilled international law expert. His experience in legal practice, major construction, and business management make him ideally suited to counsel investors seeking to do business in Georgia, especially in the construction or real estate arenas. He is a creative, yet risk-adverse thinker.

Past Experience
  • Project Coordinator - Anagi LLC
  • Procurement Manager - Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd
  • Lecturing Professor - Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (International Customs & Contract Law)
  • Supply Manager - Adjarian Electricity Company Ltd
  • Master of International Law - Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (Faculty of Law)

Sophie Megreladze

Investor Relations Manager


Sophie has a wealth of experience in banking, government administration, and business consulting. She played a key role in economic development, infrastructure, and major business investment projects throughout Ajara, making her a specialist in European Union integration projects. Her long list of government, finance, and business connections make her invaluable to investors looking at Georgia.

Past Experience
  • Head of International Relations Division - Batumi City Hall
  • Deputy Minister Finance & Economy - Ministry of Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara Georgia
  • Head of Service Center - Bank of Georgia
  • Teaching Quality Assurance Centre Consultant - Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • Master of Science in State Finances - Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (Faculty of Economy)

Ana Devdariani

General Operations Manager


Ana has 4 years experience in upper hotel management and her job title should actually be Head Chef / Housekeeper / Event Planner / Florist / Gardener / Receptionist / Administrator / Troubleshooter / Plumber / Electrician / Handy Person / Marketing Manager / Advertising Manager. But there isn't enough room on her business card for all of that.

Past Experience
  • Assistant Hotel Manager - The Tucker Inn (Provincetown Massachussets, USA)
  • Senior Writer & Graphic Designer - American University Bulgaria
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication - American University Bulgaria
  • Bachelor of Arts in Literature - American University Bulgaria

Maksym Malieiev

Construction Foreman

Maksym Malieiev, Batumi Paradise Construction Foreman

If your car is broken, Maksym can fix that. If your radio, tv, or internet aren't working, Maksym can fix that. If your computer isn't computing, Maksym can fix that. If your house is broken, Maksym can fix that. Heck, if you have a blank piece of land and wish there was a 30 story building on it, Maksym can fix that. We haven't found something yet that Maksym can't fix.

Past Experience
  • Partner - Max & Max Construction (Georgia)
  • Owner - Max Construction (Ukraine)
  • Electromechanic - Research & Production Firm LLC (Ukraine)
  • Electrical Engineer - Zaporoghian College of Radio Electronics

Lola Khonelia

Chief Accountant

Lola Khonelia, Batumi Paradise Chief Accountant

Lola's decades of experience in public accounting and taxation in Georgia spans many realms. She has served as chief accountant for major Georgian and international businesses as well as government administrations, making her especially qualified to provide expert accounting, finance, and taxation consulting and services.

Past Experience
  • Chief Accountant - Ukrainian Investment Group Ltd
  • Chief Accountant - Building Company Ketani Ltd
  • Chief Accountant - Batumi Boulevard (Government Project)
  • Chief Specialist of the Budget - Finance Department of Batumi City Hall
  • Chief Economist - Education Department of Batumi City Hall
  • Economist - Khelvachauri Cooperative Board
  • Master of Public Accounting - Javakhishvili Tbilis State University (Faculty of Economy)
  • Educational Center "SAS" certificate N140 / 1 (finance & international accounting standards)
  • Qualification Certificate N714 - Board of Audit Activity at the Parliament of Georgia

Ia Surmanidze



Ia is trained in public accounting and business with an emphasis in banking and finance. Her experience in finance and accounting of both small startup businesses and building companies make her well suited for day to day bookeeping services as well as general accounting, finance, and tax consulting.

Past Experience
  • Accountant - Building Company Ketani Ltd
  • Accountant - Lampari-99 Ltd
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking & Finance - Ilia State University (Faculty of Economy)

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