Batumi Paradise

Minimum Investment: $500

An expertly managed portfolio of vacation rental properties where you participate in both rental income and resale profits.

Great Way To Start

The best time to start investing in Batumi real estate is right now, and this fund makes it super easy to get started. You don't even need to travel to Georgia. As a matter of fact, most investors in this fund have never even been to Batumi, or Georgia for that matter. We can handle everything remotely through email, Viber, or Skype. All it takes is a few minutes and you can be profiting from the fun and exciting real estate investment market that is exploding throughout Georgia.

Fund Overview

The primary goal of this fund is to generate a steady, growing income through professionally managed vacation rental properties. As new investments come into the fund we purchase Black Carcass real estate in Batumi and develop high demand luxury rental units. From time to time we sell properties for a profit. By combining high rates of rental income with market appreciation and resale profits, the fund generates a steady and dependable rate of return. We have helped hundreds of clients carefully consider their strategy for retirement

7% Guaranteed Yearly Growth

You receive your fair share of the profits generated through rental incomes and sales of properties owned by the fund. We guarantee your investment will grow by a minimum of 7% each year, however, the fund normally produces substantially better results.

Compounded Earnings

You open your account with your initial investment of at least $500. You may contribute additional investments any time you wish. We deposit your earnings from the pool to your account balance. As you receive earnings, your account balance grows year over year until you withdraw it.

Balanced Allocation

Your investment goes into several properties. You earn profits from the rental incomes of every property owned by the fund. And you earn profits every time we sell a property owned by the fund. With one investment, you get a ballanced allocation of assets which gives you more potential for profits.

Expert Management

For many people, investing in foreign real estate is attractive, but scary. Batumi is a highly profitable, but also highly competitive market. To make the most money, you need expert professionals managing everything from purchase, to design, to marketing, to guest services, and on through finances and taxation. All properties in this fund are managed by our own team of highly experienced professionals who consistently produce market leading results.

Batumi Professional Vacation Rental Property Management

This fund offers you a secure and dependable way to start investing in Batumi real estate. Many investors start with an initial investment amount and then make additional contributions regularly. By compounding your earnings over time, you can build up your balance and then expand into other investment options offered by Batumi Paradise.

Keep in mind that investing in this fund essentially means you are investing in several vacation rental properties at one time. Essentially you are spreading your investment over multiple opportunities. This is a very good investment strategy known as allocation.

How Do I Invest?

Initial Investment

First, contact us to establish your account with an initial investment of at least $500.

Account Appreciation

Second, your account value grows as we deposit your fair share of earnings to your account, and as you make additional investments.

Investment Payback

Third, when you request your investment payout, we transfer the entire balance of your account to your bank account. This includes your initial investment plus all earnings that have been added to your account. Sometimes this is double your investment, tripple your investment, or even more.

Investing in Batumi real estate is a highly profitable and rewarding experience. If you want a simple way to get started, this fund is for you. For more information about the Batumi Rental Real Estate Investment Fund, chat with us now using the chat box below, send us an email, or fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page. Oh, and one last thing. We truly want to be lifetime partners and friends with you. So, no matter what, let's make sure to have a lot of fun as we invest in Batumi real estate together!

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