Batumi Paradise

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Partner directly with the founder of Batumi Paradise on a highly profitable vacation rental property that is professionally marketed and managed for maximum income.

High Return Potential

Our founder has a personal mission to own and operate 100 vacation rental properties. Over the past several years he has been accumulating numerous properties and perfecting the most profitable and successful rental system in Georgia. In order to more rapidly expand his portfolio of high income properties, he is offering you the opportunity to partner directly with him on a specific property. You will receive your share of the rental incomes and resale profits.

Since our founder is your personal partner, you get all his experience, resources, and connections working for you.

Partnership Overview

Our actual experience buying, renting, and selling properties in Batumi has made us the leading experts at choosing properties with the most potential for success. Our founder wants to keep properties with the highest potential for rental income and resale value for himself. As a partner, you invest along with our founder, on a specific property. There are 2 positions of $10,000 available on each property. Our founder invests the rest.

Example: let's assume our founder discovered a Black Carcass property for $25,000 with incredible potential. We will assume the property needs $12,000 to design, finish construction, and furnish. So, the total investment is $37,000. There are 2 partnership positions available for $10,000 each. You can take one or both of the positions. Partners will have invested a total of $20,000 and our founder will have invested $17,000. So, each partner owns 27% of the property and our founder owns 46%. Each partner receives their fair share of all rental and resale profits.

Continuing with our example: let's assume we rent the apartment and earn $8,000 per year for 2 years. Then, let's assume we sell the property for $55,000. After two years, each partner receives their initial $10,000 investment + $4,320 rental income + $4,860 resale profits. So, each partner receives a total of $19,180 which is a total return on investment of 192% in only 2 short years!

Due to our wealth of experience, resources, and connections it is not uncommon for these types of partnerships to double your investment in only 2 or 3 short years.

The Moral of the Story: Partnership with our founder is highly profitable!

How Do I Invest?

Initial Investment

First, contact us to partner with our founder by investing $10,000.

Investment Growth

Second, your investment grows as we design and finish the property, rent it out, and resale it to an end buyer. You earn your fair share of the profits.

Investment Payback

Third, any time you request your payback, we transfer the entire balance of your account to your bank account. This includes your initial investment plus all earnings during the term. Sometimes this is double, or even tripple your investment.

Fact is that we have perfected the most profitable system in Georgia for investing in income rental properties. If you want a simple way to get involved, partner with our founder. For more information about the Batumi Paradise Rental Property Partnerships, chat with us now using the chat box below, send us an email, or fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page. Oh, and one last thing. We truly want to be lifetime partners and friends with you. So, no matter what, let's make sure to have a lot of fun as we buy, rent, and sell properties in Batumi together!

We are the leading experts in Georgian real estate investing.

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