Some Common Questions

Investing in Batumi real estate is a very important decision, so we are certain you have a few questions. The most common questions people ask us are listed on the page below, just scroll down to see our answers. If you can’t find the answers to your questions below, don’t worry, simply contact us and one of our real estate investing experts will answer you directly through email, chat, or on a personal call, however you prefer.

Q. Can Foreigners Buy Property? What Documents Are Required? How Long Does The Process Take?

Any citizen of any country can buy property in Batumi. The only document we require is a scanned copy of your international travel passport. The process to buy property through Batumi Paradise is very easy and can be completed in less than one day. All you have to do is:

  1. Select an available apartment.
  2. Complete the purchase agreement (this can be done entirely through email).
  3. Transfer your initial payment, according to the terms of your purchase agreement.

It is not necessary to travel to Batumi. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of our clients have never even been to Georgia. We can handle everything through email and you can own a profitable piece of rental real estate in the booming market of Batumi today!

Q. Who Manages My Property?

When you invest with Batumi Paradise, we manage your property for you. We are dedicated to providing you the best management service available in Georgia, for as long as you own your property. Over the past several years, Batumi Paradise has built one of the most highly rated rental property management teams in Georgia. Guests are so pleased with our service and professionalism that our average rating on all booking sites is 9.7 out of 10. Because of this, occupancy rates are soaring, return guest numbers are rising, and rental profits are way up. We truly appreciate all our clients referring others to us. People are calling us every day asking us if they can hire us to manage their property. It is our mission to provide the most professional and profitable rental management service in all of Georgia. Click here to see for yourself.

Q. What Are Your Management Fees?

It is common practice for management companies to take up to 40% of the top amount, before expenses. They get money from your guests, take their cut first, then pay all expenses from your cut (such as cleanings, hygiene items, utilities, Internet, etc.). They never feel the impact of expenses, so they have zero motivation to control them. At Batumi Paradise we do things a little differently. We take our 20% from the net profit, after all expenses are paid. This means expenses impact our bottom-line as much as yours, so we are highly motivated to control them. This results in better profits for both of us.

Q. How Do I Get Paid My Rental Income?

At Batumi Paradise we offer several methods to send rental income payouts to our clients. Because of the extremely low taxation in Georgia, most of our clients open Georgian bank accounts and we deposit their rental income directly to their Georgian bank. Some clients prefer to be paid by PayPal, so this is a great option too. Or, we can transfer your rental income to your bank account in another country if you prefer. When you start earning rental income, we will set up a payout method with you that is best for your personal circumstances.

Q. Who Sets Rental Rates And Ensures Occupancy?

The founder of Batumi Paradise is a highly skilled computer programmer and owned a large software development company for over 25 years. Because of this, we believe strongly in using technology to destroy our competition. When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you get the most advanced revenue management and booking systems in Georgia. We don’t sit around guessing what price to charge guests, or wishing to fill rooms. Instead, we deploy the most sophisticated software on earth. Our system tracks every plane ticket sold to Georgia, in real-time. It knows every bus or train ticket to Batumi, in real-time. It knows every single concert ticket, sporting event ticket, or other event ticket sold, in real-time. Heck, we even know when large weddings or family gatherings will take place. We know exactly who is coming to Batumi, and when they are coming, weeks or months before they arrive. And we know every single price of every single apartment or hotel room in Batumi, along with whether or not they are booked, in real-time. In other words, nobody in Georgia has as much real-time knowledge of the market as we do at any given moment, not even the largest hotels in the region. We use this technology to update prices and marketing strategies every 4 hours, across over 350 booking channels. We also deploy highly sophisticated gap and orphan day pricing and marketing algorithms to ensure we never have a missed booking or revenue opportunity. Nobody in Georgia can even come close to providing the revenue management and occupancy results we can deliver.

Q. Are Bookings Distributed Evenly? Who Decides What Room Gets Booked?

When you invest in a boutique aparthotel managed by Batumi Paradise, you actually get two types of booking management systems.

  1. We manage each individual apartment as an independent VRBO (vacation rental by owner). This means it is marketed and promoted independently on 100’s of sites like Airbnb as a solo apartment. When bookings come in through VRBO sites for your apartment, 100% of these bookings are yours and the guests can ONLY be checked into your apartment.
  2. We manage the entire collection of apartments as a boutique hotel. This means we market the boutique hotel through tour agencies, travel groups, and on 100’s of travel and tour sites like and the entire Expedia network. When hotel style bookings come in, each guest is automatically distributed in round-robin format by an unbiased computer algorithm. This ensures each apartment owner gets their fair, equal share of bookings.

We are the only management company in Georgia who has the systems and technology in place to offer this to our clients.

Q. Who Is Responsible For Repairs, Utilities, And Expenses?

You are the owner of the apartment. So, you are responsible for repairs, utilities, and other expenses. One important feature of our management service is to pay all your standard expenses for you (utilities, cleanings, Internet, laundry, etc.) from the rents we collect. You never even worry about them. As for repairs, we set aside 2% of all rents into a general repairs and maintenance fund. Years of experience has shown us this is sufficient. Every 5 to 7 years the association of apartment owners will vote on upgrades for the entire aparthotel. These are normally financed through the repairs and maintenance fund, association membership dues, or other financing voted and approved by all the owners of the apartments.

Q. Whose Name Is On The Property Title Deed?

When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you are buying a property outright, not participating in some 99 year leasehold or other scheme. This is your property. You will own it. While the aparthotel is being constructed, the name on the title will be Paradise Building Company LTD, which is our subsidiary building company. You will have a legally binding contract with Paradise Building Company LTD to become the “future owner”. Once the aparthotel is fully constructed, and the building is “under exploitation” according to Georgian legislation, and you have paid at least 60% of the purchase price, your name will be registered at the public service hall of Georgia as the “future owner”. Paradise Building Company LTD will remain on the registration as the mortgage holder, until you have fully paid for the property. Just like anywhere else in the world, when you buy a property through a bank or another mortgage company, the mortgage holder’s name remains on the property registration until fully paid. After the aparthotel is fully constructed, and the building is fully “under exploitation” according to Georgian legislation, and you have paid 100% of the purchase price, you will be registered at the public service hall of Georgia as the “owner” and you will have full, outright ownership rights to the property.

Q. Are Buildings in Batumi Constructed Well?

In Batumi buildings are built on very different building standards codes. Most are built on Southeast Asian or Russian standards. Some are built on Turkish standards and very few on European. Very, very few are built on British or American standards. This means buildings that may appear good to inexperienced buyers are most likely being built very cheaply using inferior building standards. In a short time, many investors will learn they own properties in buildings that have extreme structural, facade, communications, and integrity issues. And they will be almost impossible to sell. We don’t want our clients to own properties like this. So, we employ highly skilled engineers and architects to develop the very best buildings, being built with the very best standards, in premier locations. Our subsidiary company “Paradise Building Company LTD” develops our aparthotels. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to high level architectural and engineering advice, so they are buying individual apartments in lower quality buildings. They will not have the highly professional management, long-term maintenance, occupancy rates, profits, or resale values as people who invest with Batumi Paradise.

Q. Can I Sell The Property? And Who Gets The Profits?

You own the property. You can sell it any time you want. Even while you are still making payments on it. As a matter of fact, if you want to sell the property, let us know. We can sell it for you. We are in the very business of selling and managing these properties, and we are speaking with buyers every day. Since it is your property, you keep 100% of the profits when you sell. So, if you buy a property today and sell it a year later for more than you paid, you keep the profit. We don’t take any of it. We don’t charge any fees for listing your property, but we do receive a standard 3% realtor commission, like any other realtor in Georgia, when it is sold.

Q. Can I Live In My Apartment?

We develop and maintain extremely high quality boutique aparthotels. When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you are investing in a professionally operated business. There are dedicated management, staff, marketing, booking systems, breakfast service, cafes, guest services, laundry, and other facilities. To provide consistent service and operations, and to maximize profits for each investor, units must be available for rent as much as possible. As an owner, you are allowed up to 28 days per year of “personal use” free of charge. Seven of these days can be during the high season or other peak times. If you wish to stay longer than your allowed “personal use” days, you will be charged a discounted daily rental rate to ensure professional staff, management, and facilities are always consistently delivered.

Q. I Don’t Like My Current Management Company. People Keep Telling Me Batumi Paradise Is Much Better. Can I Hire You To Manage My Property In Batumi?

No. Over the past several years, Batumi Paradise has built a reputation being the absolute best and most professional rental management company in Georgia. This is because we truly care about our clients and treat them like family. We have invested a great deal of time and money assembling a highly trained, highly skilled, professional staff. Our mission is to ensure our clients receive attention, service, and profitable results that are far superior to what other management firms offer. So, we focus solely on delivering services to clients who have invested with us in our projects. Batumi is flooded with low quality apartments. There are way too many of them to deliver our standards of service and attention. And this situation is only getting worse with the huge glut of low quality apartments being built in huge mega-complexes. We have extremely high standards and cannot afford to dilute our quality and professionalism. If you did not purchase a property through Batumi Paradise, we cannot manage it for you.

Q. I Have An Apartment In Batumi The Same Size As An Apartment Managed By Batumi Paradise. I Cannot Get The Same Daily Rental Rate Your Clients Get. Why?

Generally this boils down to quality, and professional services. People who own individual apartments in Batumi are not only competing with every hotel, but also competing with 40,000 other rental apartments. This is a massive amount of competition. And to make things worse, most apartments in Batumi are “average” at best. They have standard finishings and furnishings. They suffer from a lack of proficient marketing, and generally have inadequate services and sub-par management. There is rarely anything that sets one apartment apart from another, other than price. So, if you are renting an apartment individually, or are relying upon the “management” services of a mega-complex, you are most likely suffering from being lost in the crowd of mediocrity. In other words, your apartment is the same as all the other 40,000 apartments for rent. So the only way to get bookings is to lower your price.

At Batumi Paradise we offer the absolute best guest experiences possible. Our properties are generally far superior in quality to the “average” apartment in Batumi. We have an extremely professional, highly skilled staff who have enterprise level tools. We choose not to be mediocre. Rather, we focus on quality, service, and professionalism. This is why we constantly beat the market in occupancy and nightly rental rates. Simply put, people who invest with us make more money and own better quality properties.

Q. I Want To Buy An Apartment In Batumi. Can You Help Me As A Realtor?

No. Batumi Paradise originally began as a real estate investment consultancy and rental management firm. We are experienced and licensed realtors, and have a team of highly skilled real estate investing professionals. Although we could make a great deal of commission selling apartments in buildings all over Batumi, we feel we have a moral obligation to our clients to recommend the safest, most dependable, and most profitable investments. Due to our wealth of experience in the Batumi market, we believe the safest, most dependable, and most profitable investments in Batumi are in our boutique aparthotels.

Q. I Purchased An Apartment In Batumi And Want To Sell It. Will You Sell It For Me?

If you purchased an apartment in one of our boutique aparthotels, we will definitely help you sell it. It is very easy to sell apartments that are already profitable and are located in our operational aparthotels. We even have all the records and evidence to show to potential buyers. Contact us today. Most likely we already have a buyer waiting.

If your apartment is not in one of our boutique aparthotels, we will not help you sell it.