Units in Boutique Aparthotels are Smarter Investments

Units in Boutique Aparthotels are Smarter Investments

How Investing with Batumi Paradise Works

Successful rental real estate investing begins with setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Thinking about buying an apartment in Batumi?

As you know, Batumi is producing incredible profits for people who invest here. Millions of tourists are flooding to Batumi every year, and the numbers keep growing. At Batumi Paradise, we have been investing in rental real estate for many years. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience building a successful and professional rental management business in Batumi.

We think buying an apartment in Batumi is a very smart investment. And our experience has shown us that investing in professionally managed boutique aparthotels is a much, much smarter investment.

Why? Because boutique aparthotels combine the best aspects of a VRBO (vacation rental by owner) with the best qualities of a boutique hotel, which appeals to 76% of tourists.

40% of travelers prefer boutique hotels, while 36% prefer vacation rental properties. When people are traveling, they want security, quality, amenities, and professional service. But they also want to experience something local, unique, and charming. We have developed boutique aparthotels that appeal to both categories of travelers.Through our years of experience, we learned the perfect size for a boutique aparthotel is less than 40 units. It allows us to market each individual apartment as a VRBO, and the entire collection of apartments as a boutique hotel. We can professionally deliver the security, comforts, and services of a hotel, while maintaining the charm and character of a local stay.

The only problem is that the cost to build and staff an entire boutique aparthotel is much more than the cost of an individual apartment. This is normally an investment only available to very wealthy investors. How can you invest in a boutique aparthotel if you only have the budget for an apartment?

Now, exclusively through Batumi Paradise, you can buy one single apartment and have all the benefits of owning an entire high quality, fully managed boutique aparthotel. Investors who buy units in our boutique aparthotels feel much less stress, and receive much more profits than people who invest in individual vacation rental properties. And the best bonus is they find it easier to resell their property later for a profit.

Challenges of Individual Rental Property Ownership

We eliminate the 3 major struggles people face when it comes to vacation rental property investing.


When you own an individual vacation rental property, ultimately the success depends on you. You have to find a good maintenance person, or maintain it yourself. You have to find a dependable cleaning person, or clean it yourself. You have to hire good booking agents, or work hard to keep it booked yourself. When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you don’t need to worry about anything. We provide a full staff of trained, experienced professionals to handle everything for you.


When you own an individual vacation rental property, you are competing with tens of thousands of other rental apartment owners. You have to constantly work to make your apartment seem different from the rest, and if you want bookings, you have to keep lowering your price. When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you don’t have these struggles. We constantly win more bookings and increase our profits because very few can compete with our exceptionally high standards and quality service.

Financial Barriers

Most builders in Georgia only offer financing for up to 24 months. You must have enough money to pay for the entire apartment up front, or be able to afford very large monthly payments. This is a major financial barrier for many potential investors. When you invest with Batumi Paradise, you can pay cash outright for the property, or finance it with monthly installments up to 60 months..

We create stable and secure turnkey vacation rental investment opportunities in Batumi

62% of our customers return to purchase a second property within 2 years or less.