Batumi Paradise is a growing family business where everyone is treated like loved ones, whether they are staff or clients.

In 2013 David Ruebush and Nina Tretiakova moved to Batumi and immediately began meeting several people who would become dear friends. They tried their hands at a few different business ventures, starting with a woman's clothing store. They quickly learned Georgia is a very different country with very unique people, customs, and traditions, and running a successful business in Georgia is a challenge. Especially in Batumi where your business essentially earns the majority of its income in 4 short tourist months.

Over time, they kept noticing how often new buildings were popping up and more and more people were renting their apartments for income. It seemed like everyone they met was making more and more money every year just renting out their homes to tourists during the season. So, they decided to sell a property they owned in Ukraine and invest in real estate in Batumi. It was the best decision they ever made.

They made their first investment purchasing a black carcass property which they designed and finished with the help of Nina's brother, Maksym Malieiev. In just a very short time that one small investment grew into 12 luxury rental apartments, a large office on Luka Assatiani Street, and a talented staff with a wide array of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Today Batumi Paradise is the premier real estate investment and management consultancy in Georgia. We have a staff of successful real estate investors, business consultants, accountants, lawyers, and property managers. Members of our team have been bank executives, government officials, and project managers of some of the largest and most profitable real estate developments in Georgia. We are truly experts when it comes to buying, designing, finishing, and managing income property in Georgia, especially in Batumi.

But more important is the fact that we are a growing family business, where the culture is to treat everyone as if they are loved ones. And we mean that. If you choose to work with Batumi Paradise, don't be surprised if you become a lifetime friend who feels more like part of our family than a client.

David Ruebush, Batumi Paradise Real Estate Investing

Over the years we have learned how to select a property that will attract the most rental income and produce the highest resale value.

Location is important, but it is not the key factor.

Most realtors and builder sales reps will sell you any space you will buy, especially the one where THEY make the most commission. At Batumi Paradise our focus is to help you invest in property that will make YOU the most money.

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Our Approach

From the day we meet a new client our goal is to develop a genuine lifetime friendship with them.

We like to work as a team. Our entire staff knows and understands the needs and goals of each client. Each team member contributes their own skills and expertise for the positive interest of each client. We don't work on commission. We work on success.

  • A culture of family where everyone is treated like a loved one.
  • Teamwork at the absolute heart of everything we do.
  • Genuine care and concern for each and every person.
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Our Core Strengths

We have three core strengths you can lean on to ensure your success.

Buying Property

Your success begins with buying real estate with the most potential for income and resale profit.

Builder — The most important part of selecting a property is knowing how trustworthy, dependable, and well-financed the builder is. We have a deep, local, working knowledge of every builder in our market.

Location — To a foreigner a location may seem incredible just because it is by the beach. As locals with rich experience renting properties for income, we truly know whether a location is good or not.

Size — One of the biggest mistakes people make is to buy too large or too small. After years learning how to maximize our profits we know the exact "sweet spot" when it comes to apartment size.

Buying Real Estate in Batumi

Design & Construction

No matter how great your location you will never have maximum profit without the right design and construction.

Design & Floor Plan — Nothing makes you more money than the right design and floor plan. Our expertise is second to none when it comes to designing your property to attract maximum tourist dollars.

Materials — One of the most costly mistakes people make is purchasing the wrong materials, either too expensive or too cheap. We have years experience in construction and know the right quality for the right value.

Labor — It takes a true local with years of experience to hire and manage the right contractors. We have this experience and can ensure your design is completed to the highest standards possible.

Batumi Apartment Design

Marketing & Management

In the long-run there is nothing more important than professional marketing and management of your property.

Language & Channels — We have the knowledge and skills to advertise your property to potential renters in all the right places, and we speak a wide array of languages.

Guest Services — Our management rigorously ensures we are offering the absolute best guest services available in Batumi, building your online ratings and a dependable clientele of repeat customers.

Repair & Maintenance — We manage every single property as if it is our own. We budget for regular repair, maintenance, and upgrades so your tennants always have the best experience and are eager to pay top dollar.

Professional Property Management in Batumi

Batumi Real Estate Channel

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